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Kim Zuccaro

Kim Zuccaro  Straight Shooter and Capehart Photographer since 1996

“Photography is a never ending learning process…the minute you believe you know it all is the minute you stop growing as a photographer.”  Pin Image

Word on the Street  One of the most stealth photographers in town. There she is shooting an afternoon tea for a local charity at the world renowned Mar-a-Lago Club, then returning to the office to spend the afternoon as the in-house graphic designer for Capehart Photo Concierge services.

Out and About  Family is my hobby, reverie, and sport rolled into one. A day in our house could reasonably be compared to watching the x-games. There’s the typical holiday parties, practices, etc. Then we may throw in a cousin’s wedding reception. For fun. This is the ideal life for me and I cherish each chaotic and sweet moment

The Shot  “This photo was taken at an event I was shooting. A client – a very talented photographer – whose work I admire, jumped behind my lens. I love its candidness… though, I’d always rather be behind the lens than in front of it.”