Lifestyle Portraits for your Business

Headshot or lifestyle portrait?

You’re ready to introduce yourself to prospective clients through social media, an updated website, or advertising campaign; but there’s one thing that you’ve been putting off… you. That cropped photo a friend took on the way to a party - it’s darling; but that’s not the image you’re aiming for. We have some advice.

You’ve got style.

It’s important to you, and should transcend just the clothes you wear. Look for a photographer whose work is versatile enough for that “youness” to come through.

The collection of images you see on a photographer’s website or gallery will probably have a particular feel.

You may see similar backgrounds, and that’s okay. But, does individuality shine through in the people being shot? Your spirit should be apparent whether it’s a simple headshot or more involved portrait shoot. That's the key


The photographers first job is to set you at ease. If you go into the shoot feeling edgy it’s probably going to come across in the images. This is where another look at the photographer’s work is going to come in handy. What do you see in the eyes of the people looking back at you?

Investment and Results.

A budget is good and you should know what you can afford ahead of time. Keep in mind that you will be paying for something that should last you about three to five years and will return that investment with abundance.

Consider what you need and work from there. When you reach out to a photographer you should receive direction in how to achieve your goal.

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