Jamie Phillips

Pragmatic Dreamer (and Capehart Photographer)
Word on the Street:

Jamie fell in love with the camera when she first saw her grandfather’s work as an Air Force photographer. “He traveled the world, hanging out of plane with a 4×5 camera. I still have his negatives, including photos of President. Eisenhower and the Memphis Belle.” By 16, Jamie was assisting any photographer who would give her time, and soon after she was working at a local mom and pop photo shop. It’s in her blood.

Out and About:

Jamie is the “best mom in the world” to Ella and Ryder. They’re beach regulars and make time for other outdoorsy activities throughout the week. Sometimes these activities revolve around what’s happening with Autism Speaks. As the parent of a child with autism, it’s an important organization to the family. Jamie even makes time for her husband when he promises a cocktail on their boat and time at sea.

The Shot:

“I was shooting a wedding with Lucien and he captured me helping to get the little ones ready for their big moment.”

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” - Dorothea Lang

Jamie Phillips
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