Julia Duresky

Bon Vivant (and Capehart Photographer and Artist)

When Julia arrives at a shoot, her mantra is “personal, meaningful, and fun.” “I can create a beautiful technical photograph, but if my client isn’t comfortable and happy, it’s futile. Whether it’s a chairperson not feeling quite right in the environment, a bad day, or a bride who needs a relaxing laugh. I tend to my clients needs first, then create stunning photographs because they are complex humans, not subjects.”

“Recently, I shot a wedding that was positively drenched in laughs and love, while meticulously organized. It was my favorite job this year. With everything so well planned, the bride and groom were truly present in every single moment. The families were so appreciative and loving to one another. All the speeches were equally hilarious and emotional. The way the couple looked at each other all day was magical. The light that day was heavenly. It was the perfect wedding.”

I strive to bring joy to every room I enter, and improve the energy of whatever I’m shooting.

Julia Duresky
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