Julia Duresky

Bon Vivant (and Capehart Photographer and Artist)
Word on the Street:

When Julia arrives at a shoot there are three things on her mind – make the client’s experience personal, meaningful, and fun. “My first priority is the client. I can create a perfect technical photograph, but if my client isn’t comfortable and happy, it’s a wash. Whether it’s a chairperson not feeling quite right in the environment, a bad day, or a bride who needs a relaxing laugh. I tend to my clients needs first, then create beautiful photographs with them as a person, not a subject.”

Out and About:

She’s a sweetheart at every shoot, but don’t mess with her off the job. Julia is the Founder of Empower Together, an organization that plans women’s self-defense classes for the community, teaching awareness and real life defensive skills. She’s also a serious runner, lifelong sailor, and the love of Pete’s life.

The Shot:

“This picture was taken for promotion for a dear friend’s fundraising event for Leukemia Lymphoma Society just after she won her battle against blood cancers. After years of running endurance races for LLS, it was shocking to have a friend suffering from blood cancers. I was proud of Capehart’s support in this campaign.”

I strive to bring joy to every room I enter, and improve the energy of whatever I’m shooting.

Julia Duresky
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