Kim Zuccaro

Straight Shooter (and Capehart Photographer and Designer)
Word on the Street:

One of the most stealth versatile photographers in town. Her typical days can look like rom com, meet cute cinema hit without the bonus of Bradley Cooper. From shooting afternoon charity events at private clubs, then zipping back to the office as the in-house graphic designer, then jetting off in full gala garb to capture an evening event.

Out and About:

"Family is my hobby. A day in our house could reasonably be compared to watching the X-games. There’s the typical holiday parties, practices, etc. Then we may throw in a cousin’s wedding reception in the backyard. This is the ideal life for me and I cherish each chaotic and sweet moment.”

The Shot:

“This photo was taken at an event I was shooting. A client – a very talented photographer – whose work I admire, jumped behind my lens. I love its candidness… though, I’d always rather be behind the lens than in front of it.”

Photography is a never ending learning process… the minute you believe you know it all is the minute you stop growing as a photographer.

Kim Zuccaro
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