Melissa Sullivan

Creative Counsel (and Project Manager)
Word on the Street:

Melissa spent 20 years working in Palm Beach County non-profits and Capehart was her go-to photography team. One day she and Carrie decided to put their friendship to the ultimate test. Turns out… it’s worked! Creative genius helps.

Out and About:

“On social media I’m zen on the beach, heading to yoga, reveling in the perfect marriage and completely at ease with two teens. Perception is exhausting! Ultimately my life revolves around food. Cooking with family, grocery shopping amongst strangers, restaurants and dinner parties with friends and gleaning for volunteer work. Funny thing though. I’m still always looking for my next meal”

The Shot:

“I’m lucky to work with great photographers. It means if I’m out I’m guaranteed a great pic!”

When clients return with bigger projects and higher expectations, we know we nailed it.

Melissa Sullivan
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